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July 5th Cleanup

Dear Watershed Watcher,  Happy Summer! Can you believe that July 4th is only one week away? Although this day is filled with excitement, celebration and fireworks, the Birch Bay community is left with the not-so-fun aftermath: TRASH…and lots of it! In fact, in years past as much as 4.28 tons of trash were left on […]

Lummi signature clears way for berm construction

Tribal approval fulfills the cultural resources requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act review process for the $11.5 million project, officially called the Birch Bay Drive and Pedestrian Facility project. Before construction can start, the county must hold a public hearing on the shoreline permit. The earliest available hearing date is in April. If all […]

Polar Bear Plunge January 1, 2019

The annual Birch Bay Polar Bear Plunge attracts hundreds of people each year who brave the cool January 1 temperatures and run into the ocean. It’s a fun (and chilly) way to celebrate the new year. Even if you don’t plan on jumping in, there’s something fun about watching other people brave the cold water. […]