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2019 Sand Sculpture Winners

Saturday, July 20th Winners: Little Kids Division (Kids under 8 years old) 1st Place – Team Bananas, Captian Ella Van Holfwegen (Make believe Island called Hatuka) 2nd Place – Team Castle Builders, Captian Paxton 3rd Place – Team Rocket – Captian Evan (Bey Blade) Tweens (Ages 9-14) 1st Place – Octabuck, Captain Emma Riemer (“Thanks […]

July 5th Cleanup

Dear Watershed Watcher,  Happy Summer! Can you believe that July 4th is only one week away? Although this day is filled with excitement, celebration and fireworks, the Birch Bay community is left with the not-so-fun aftermath: TRASH…and lots of it! In fact, in years past as much as 4.28 tons of trash were left on […]