Thousands of visitors = a thousand reasons to sign up and sell at our events.

If you’re interested in selling at any of the Birch Bay events please complete the form below and one of our staff will contact you.

Vendor Policy 2018

Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce (BBCC)

A Vendor Coordinator is assigned and responsible for all vendor communications for an event.

All events are 2 day events

Craft Vendors 10×10 $60 per Space and is non-refundable.

Food Vendors $125 per space and is non-refundable.

BBCC Does not provide water or garbage.

BBCC Does not provide tents, tables or chairs.

Port-a-Potties are supplied, washing station at the Visitor Information Center.

The BBCC will provide a dumpster at no additional charge.


All Vendors

We prefer no duplications.

All Vendors booth rental is non-refundable for any reason including an “Act of Nature”.

All Vendors are required to secure their station (booth, tent, equipment) in such a way that any weather (wind, snow, rain, sunshine) occurrence will not affect the public (other vendors, attendees, workers).

All Vendors must be set up and be ready for business by 9:30 am both days of the event. Set up starts at 5:00 pm the previous day before event. Vendor is responsible to verify actual start time of set up.

All Vendors are to remove all garbage at the end of the day of the event.

All Vendors are responsible to keep their area clean and tidy at all times.

All Vendors will remain on site and open for business during the entire event unless prior written arrangements are made with the event coordinator. Any early departures may affect vendors participating in future events.

Food Vendors

Food Vendor’s equipment and booth location must be approved the the Vendor Coordinator.

Food Vendors must have required insurance, health certificates and permits.

Location of Vendor’s equipment and booth must be approved by the Vendor Coordinator.