KEEP BIRCH BAY CLEAN!  Celebrate safely, celebrate small, follow social distancing rules and wear a mask!

From the Birch Bay Chamber:  We Hope you can help our community get the job done again this year, we appreciate you! 

Since July 4th is on Saturday this year, our beaches will need to be cleaned on both Sunday, July 5th as well as Monday, July 6th. On July 5th, filled trash bags are to be placed in or around trash cans on Birch Bay Drive or along the drive. Beaches will most likely be littered again and will need a quick clean up on Monday morning, July 6th. The Sherriff’s Work Crew will arrive on Monday morning to collect the garbage along Birch Bay Drive and deliver it to the dumpsters. Trash Bags will be provided by the Birch Bay Chamber. It will also be necessary for volunteers to wear gloves and a face mask this year and these will also be provided by the Birch Bay Chamber.

If you can help clean up the bay, please fill out the signup form below: