Experience Birch Bay, Washington, a family friendly destination offering warm water and warm people. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or an extended vacation, change the pace in your life and experience Birch Bay, the perfect place to make your own fun! The bay with its half-moon shape and sandy beach is perfect for clamming, building sand sculptures, flying kites, wake boarding, windsurfing, jet skiing, enjoying great food, or just relaxing in the warm sun.

We’re not far from I-5 Exit 270 …
100 miles north of Seattle
115 miles south of Whistler, BC
38 miles south of Vancouver, BC
10 miles south of White Rock, BC
7 miles to Blaine and the US/Canada int’l border.
20 miles north of Bellingham, WA

There’s plenty more you can do in Birch Bay: Walk the beach, ride your bike, year-round golfing, wine tasting’s at local wineries, bird watching, great dining, water slides, miniature golf and train rides, and accommodations to fit every budget. Check out our “Things To Do” page for more fun-filled places to see and things to do!



4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Jennifer Runnestrand says:

    I have wonderful childhood memories of BirchBay back in the 60s. There was a permanent carnival, miniature golf, a hall that was a dance hall and then other things and something all three of us kids liked was the feather shop where everything that I can remember was made out of feathers. We rode bikes everywhere and when the tide was out we picked up all the practice golf balls and sold them three for a quarter. We always stayed in the Jones Cabins close to the park that is new to me now, in the last cabin next to the creek, I loved hearing the noisey frogs. Best memories when we were all together before my mom died when I was eight but we still came with my dad after. I’m glad the old part is the same but the Jones Cabins are now homes but look just like they did all those years ago. I would love to have a little house up there to listen to quietness and those frogs, Seattle is so noisey. Thanks for the memories BB.

    • Jerry K says:

      I have the same kind of wonderful childhood memories, from the ’60s and ’70s. We never rented a cabin, but went for the day, and in the ’70s we got a travel trailer and stayed at the state park a lot, or occasionally at the big trailer place that’s now across from the waterslides. I miss the carnival, the roller rink and lots of the other stuff that isn’t there anymore. Loved riding bikes along with all the car traffic with the 10 mph speed limit all along the bay. We rented bikes a few times when we couldn’t bring our own. On summer weekends it was usually so crowded the traffic moved slower than 10 mph anyway. I never could see why there was a swimming pool right across the road from the beach, but it was always packed to capacity, and looked like fun through the windows. I always liked to read the names on all the cabins as we went along the shoreline, and really don’t like the condos that have replaced most of the charming old stuff. I still like going back, though don’t get there nearly so often anymore.

  2. carolyn kole says:

    We will be in Birch Bay in July and August and are planning on crabbing off of the pier. Could you either give me the marine zone for Birch Bay or the actual recreational crabbing season.

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