The Ducks are Back in Birch Bay!

We will be releasing the ducks back into Terrell Creek during Discover Birch Bay Days August 27th & 28th!

We are currently planning on a Saturday (8/27/2022) Evening release of the ducks, but the release is dependent on tides and currants, we will have a more exact time as the event draws closer.

Prizes to be determined!

In 2021 we gave away more than $1200 in prizes! *Stay tuned for more info!

Prizes will awarded to the first 10 finishers!

A prize will be awarded to the 43rd finisher in honor of the 43rd Annual Discover Birch Bay Days!

The last duck across the finish line – “The Slacker Quacker” will also win a prize!

Quack Package
Tell us your ducks’ names!